Talbert Griffin, PGA, comes to us from the Hank Johnson School of Golf at Timberline. Hank won the National Teacher of the Year award in 2004 and is known for grooming some of the country's top instructors. Talbert teaches players of all ages and skill levels.


Two Time Alabama Golf Association Player of the Year (Runner-up another year)

USGA Amateur participant at Olympic Club in San Francisco

Two USGA State Team Championships (3rd place finish in 2007-USGA medal)

Alabama State Amateur Champion

Two time American Junior Golf Association All American

Member of '79-'80 Oklahoma State National Championship team

Several top ten finishes on various professional tours

Talbert's Thoughts

"Technology has changed the golf swing! However, I believe many instructors are teaching the same principles taught 40 years ago. The fundamentals will always be a priority but I think technology has shown us the movements and motion to create speed are now different in the modern golfer. Technology has also shown us that some people are not physically capable of making certain movements. It is very important a teacher recognizes this and either helps the student learn how to improve their limitations or teaches around it." Hope to see you soon!


HOURLY RATES: Individual: $70 | Members: $60

6 LESSON PACKAGE: Non-Members: $350 (price of 5) | Members: $300

HOURLY RATES - JUNIORS: Non-Members: $50 | Members: $40

6 LESSON PACKAGE - JUNIORS: Non-Members: $250 | Members: $200

PLAYING LESSON: Non-Members: $175 | Members: $150 | Juniors: $125

For the serious golfer
Non-Members: $1750 | Members: $1500 | Juniors: $1300
  • Dozen balls of choice free round at Cottonwood when you bring a foursome
  • Fitted driver session (option to purchase driver through me at 20% above cost) weekly lesson (will perform skill tests which will be recorded throughout 3 months)
  • First lesson will be a video of swing before we get started. We will continue to monitor throughout and compare at completion
  • Short game session (chipping, pitching, lob)
  • Putting session Power session
  • At least one Trackman data session Playing sessions (9 hole course management skill session- once a month)
  • Specialty shot session (how to make ball draw, hook, fade and slice with various trajectories) Bunker play session
  • *Lessons include video analysis throughout program