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    Twilight (After 1:00 pm)

** Twilight starting times will change as hours of daylight change.

Attn Military and Seniors:

Hello - Talbert Griffin, PGA, here. Now that I am the GM at Cottonwood, we will always respect what the seniors and military have done for the United States of America! Starting Wednesday, July 4, 2018, we will reduce our rates, including cart, for entire month of July. New rates are Monday through Thursday, $22, and Friday through Sunday, $32. These rates include tax, at least until the end of July, for seniors (age 62 plus) and military. (Please have military ID). My dad retired off Maxwell AFB as a major in the US Air Force, and I will always respect that! We are also thinking about including a packaged program, so please keep checking back. I'm hoping we can get enough players where we can start running a weekly dogfight. We are listening and want to be "your course"! Thank you for all you've done!

For more information, including payment options, contact the Pro Shop at Call Cottonwood Golf Club at (334) 281-3344 or email info@cottonwoodgolfclub.com

SOLUTION #1 - Winter Rates

Although we're blessed with southern winter weather we still know it can get cold as well. Golfers suffer the most, wanting to get out and play our favorite sport. Cottonwood is presenting several solutions.

SOLUTION #2 - Cottonwood's Forty Degree Special

Cottonwood would like to reward the dedicated, die hard, loyal golfer by offering discounts depending on how cold it is. Just for choosing Cottonwood to play your golf on these frigid days we would like to say thank you by offering tiered discounts depending on temperature. 45 degrees- 49 degrees $1 off our winter rate 40 degrees- 44 degrees $2 off our winter rate 35 degrees- 39 degrees $3 off our winter rate 32 degrees- 34 degrees $4 off our winter rate just for being crazy Forty Degree special is solution #2.


Cottonwood's hole #1 thru hole #5 is The Cottonwood Loop AND Cottonwood's hole's #6 thru hole #9 is The Nelson Loop. With shorter days and colder weather Cottonwood's loop offers golf you can get in late in the day. Below is the budget cost for this alternative: 

AFTER 2:00 pm Cottonwood Loop (5 holes)- $12 includes cart Nelson Loop (4 holes)- $10 includes cart 

We at Cottonwood hope one of these solutions helps with golfer's winter blues!


Every Sunday Cottonwood Golf Club will do a random draw to determine what day, Mon-Fri, we
will award cart fee only passes for your next round of golf at Cottonwood. Passes will be good for two
weeks from issue and for Mon-Fri rounds. The more you play the better your chances. Hope to see you
this coming week. Good Luck!


Are you a driving range pro? The first hole in one wins the pot total with 70% golf course credit and 30% cash.  Golf course credit includes merchandise, green fees, cart fees, golf clubs, golf balls, range balls, etc. ( not good for food/beverages) It Will continue to grow until first hole in one. It will then reset and start building up again. We will run contest on weekends but if interested on weekday contact
staff and we will arrange for a witness.

$5   gets you 5 attempts
$10 gets you 12 attempts
$15 gets you 20 attempts
$20 gets you 28 attempts
Prize money will start growing this Saturday December 15, 2018. The first person to have their ball come to rest in the bottom of the basket wins whatever the pot has grown to. We will post pot total on daily basis in the Golf Shop. The lucky winner will receive 70% of the pot in golf course credit. This can be used for any merchandise, green fees, cart fees, golf clubs, golf balls, range balls, etc. ( not good for food/beverages)  Winner will receive remaining 30% in cash!
Example: Pot grows to $800 and someone has hole in one. They would win 70% of $800= $560 toward golf course credit and 30% of $800= $240 in cash)I After a winner is crowned we will post their name on the Range Pro Board to live in infamy! We will then reset to zero and start again. Come on out and show us your range pro skills! Good Luck!